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2020/12/31 Covid-19: Co-pilot most recent positive case in Sarawak
2020/12/31 Death threat against Ayob Khan made in anger, says IGP
2020/12/31 RCEP a proof of Malaysia, member countries resolve to strengthen regional integration, says Azmin
2020/12/31 Ahead of 2021, CJ says judges will uphold justice in Malaysia without fear or favouritism
2020/12/31 Zeti denies ‘false and malicious’ claims her family benefited from 1MDB funds
2020/12/31 PM says govt to focus on five areas for 2021, including bolstering healthcare system
2020/12/31 Govt ready to consider strategic fiscal injection if situation warrants it, says PM
2020/12/31 In New Year speech, PM calls on politicians against jeopardising nation’s stability
2020/12/31 CMCO not stopping revellers from taking to KL streets to celebrate New Year
2020/12/31 12MP to focus on new economic drivers, says PM Muhyiddin
2020/12/31 Bersatu aims to open 8,000 more branches
2020/12/31 NUTP objects to PSD's new service circulars
2020/12/31 Noraini: Higher education students allowed on campus from March 1
2020/12/31 Meat cartel: Give authorities space to investigate, says Takiyuddin
2020/12/31 Coming soon in 2021: Malaysians will be able to plead guilty, pay fines online for traffic court cases
2020/12/31 Ahead of New Year, CM says 2021 starting line for Sarawak to become high-income state
2020/12/31 Royal Selangor Golf Club hit with another Covid-19 case, this time staff member dubbed C12s
2020/12/31 Health Ministry survey shows a third of Malaysians still fear, doubt Covid-19 vaccine
2020/12/31 Dr Mahathir: Covid-19 vaccine deals should be public as they involve taxpayers’ funds
2020/12/31 Malaysia ends 2020 with new record high of daily Covid-19 cases; Selangor shoots above 1,000 cases
2020/12/31 Perikatan govt not ‘Malay-Muslim’ as support lies with non-Muslim MPs, Dr Mahathir says
2020/12/31 Chief Justice spells out judiciary’s 2021 action plan for efficiency to save everyone’s time
2020/12/31 Pakatan willing to work with anyone? Dr Mahathir says Anwar has completely snubbed him
2020/12/31 Company allegedly behind meat cartel to be charged soon, says deputy minister
2020/12/31 Sime Darby Plantation says already hired PwC to improve itself, after US ban over forced labour
2020/12/31 Be like Kelantan, not increase amount of lottery special draws, PAS tells Perikatan govt
2020/12/31 MACC urged to probe alleged corruption at a Selangor district police headquarters
2020/12/31 Fictitious agreement used to mask bribe payment to Rosmah, says prosecution
2020/12/31 Sultan of Selangor consents to name change of Jalan Universiti to Jalan Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz
2020/12/31 Report: MPOB suggests cultural differences to blame for child labour allegations behind US import ban on palm oil-related products
2020/12/31 For 2021 New Year’s wish, Selangor MB looks to ‘unicorn’ firms to drive state economy
2020/12/31 Former Umno veteran Hassan Harun dies
2020/12/31 ‘Bloodstains’ found after Wildlife Dept seized two more gibbons amid court dispute, gibbon rehab centre claims
2020/12/31 In 2021 New Year’s address, King and Queen hope vaccine’s arrival spells end for Covid-19 in Malaysia, advise politicians to stop squabbling
2020/12/31 PM Muhyiddin to deliver New Year message at 9pm tonight
2020/12/31 Penang exco: Refurbish the old ferries to continue carrying cars, passengers
2020/12/31 Dr Noor Hisham: Battle against Covid-19 is not over
2020/12/31 Guan Eng says Pakatan will meet in January over grand coalition
2020/12/31 Zuraida argues against lawsuit over PKR bond agreement, says it is unconstitutional
2020/12/31 Crowds throng the iconic Penang ferries as service draws to a close today
2020/12/31 Sarawak CM hopes tourism will be new gold for Bau district
2020/12/31 SDMC’s full containment policy successful in flattening Covid-19 curve in state so far, says Sarawak deputy CM
2020/12/31 IGP: Indonesian man main suspect in offensive video on Indonesia
2020/12/31 As Penang port rings in the new, traders at iconic George Town ferry terminal fear for their future in 2021
2020/12/31 As prices drop, Socso urges employers to test all foreign workers for Covid-19
2020/12/31 Calling govt officers ‘smartasses’ is conduct unbecoming to a Sarawak minister, state PKR Youth tells Abdul Karim
2020/12/31 Report: Pakatan won’t garner Malay support if it refuses to cooperate with me, says Dr Mahathir
2020/12/31 Inland Revenue Board denies having TikTok account
2020/12/31 Temporary roadside vendor licences: One month in, critics to programme have to ‘eat their words’
2020/12/31 What does 2021 hold for the Opposition? A grand coalition hopefully, says Amanah’s Salahuddin