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2019/11/28 IGP: Give us more time and room to discuss issues on IPCMC Bill
2019/11/28 FT minister: Govt will think of other approaches to develop Kampung Baru when the time comes
2019/11/28 Poll: Half of Malaysians unsure if country heading in right direction
2019/11/28 Malaysia, China to tackle cross-border cybercrime, says home minister
2019/11/28 Teresa Kok: Don’t write off Malaysian palm oil yet
2019/11/28 Inquest into Batu Arang shooting to begin on Dec 13
2019/11/28 Dr M: Emulate South Korea to develop Malaysian export industry
2019/11/28 Should we pick up his ashes then? Dr M asks detractors of Chin Peng’s ‘return’
2019/11/28 He has done nothing to apologise for, Klang MP’s lawyers tell Dr Zakir Naik
2019/11/28 Putrajaya to host inaugural financial literacy festival next month
2019/11/28 Najib-Arul Kanda’s 1MDB audit report trial to resume next year
2019/11/28 March 9 hearing for Najib, Shafee’s application to challenge Sri Ram’s appointment
2019/11/28 Muhyiddin: Malaysia reaffirms commitment to Asean Plus Three cooperation in combating terrorism, transnational crime
2019/11/28 Ambrin: Govt was worried 1MDB audit report would tarnish PM, Malaysia’s image
2019/11/28 Malaysia, Singapore, HK, Macau police join forces to smash internet love scam that reaped RM18m from victims
2019/11/28 Jais: Eight minutes added to Subuh prayer time in Selangor from tomorrow
2019/11/28 Soosaimanicckam inquest: Cadet defecated while showering
2019/11/28 Pahang cashier fined RM4,000 for concealing birth
2019/11/28 Deputy IGP: Police to summon those who brought back Chin Peng’s ashes
2019/11/28 Ambrin: Pencil case recording ‘small matter’, no need for 1MDB auditor to ask permission
2019/11/28 Amid probe over flag kerfuffle, MABA president on indefinite voluntary leave
2019/11/28 ‘I got my scroll’: Happy ending for IIUM grad snapped giving flying kiss, shoulder shimmy
2019/11/28 Study on alternative to mandatory death sentence should be ready next year, says ex-CJ Malanjum
2019/11/28 Study: In Malaysia, cost of living replaces corruption as a top concern after GE14
2019/11/28 Decision on 1MDB-linked forfeiture suit against PBRS on Jan 9
2019/11/28 Rafidah: Malaysia can achieve developed status in its own way
2019/11/28 Dr M: Malaysia welcomes South Korea’s proposal to elevate ties to strategic partnership
2019/11/28 PKR won’t be deregistered just for sacking Youth chairman, says wing chief
2019/11/28 JPJ collects RM1.165m in tinted glass application fees
2019/11/28 1MDB audit: Ambrin insists did not compromise integrity despite changes to report
2019/11/28 Ambrin: I was so frustrated over demands for changes to already completed 1MDB audit report
2019/11/28 Two sacked from PKR to complain to RoS, hint at party’s possible deregistration
2019/11/28 Too tired and too cold to pay attention? Umno Youth asks Speaker to switch off air con for MPs’ comfort
2019/11/28 PKR sacks Youth permanent chair, deputy in apparent worsening of party crisis
2019/11/28 Period poverty gets deputy minister’s attention in Parliament
2019/11/28 Dr M: Malaysia welcomes S. Korea’s proposal to elevate bilateral ties
2019/11/28 Contradicting minister, PAC says public funds used for ‘flying car’
2019/11/28 DPM: NAFP 2.0 to implement various initiatives, set new direction for next decade
2019/11/28 Naked Dutch model’s death plunge was murder, say police
2019/11/28 December 12 for mention of LTTE cases of Arivainthan and Balamurugan
2019/11/28 Prioritise local SMEs over rare earths mining, Perak told
2019/11/28 Opposition rejects IPCMC, demands Putrajaya withdraw Bill for commission
2019/11/28 In polarised Malaysia, new survey shows Malaysians united by love of worrying
2019/11/28 Zakir Naik's lawyers serve defamation suit notice to three DAP men
2019/11/28 Musa Aman’s lawyer says appeal thrown out for being ‘academic’
2019/11/28 Finance minister denies claim govt borrowed money for civil servants’ salaries
2019/11/28 Building firm in Perak fined RM20,000 for ignoring stop-work orders
2019/11/28 Transport Ministry may exempt ‘large families’ from mandatory child safety seats in cars
2019/11/28 Perak PKR criticises state for rare earths deal with China firm
2019/11/28 Chin Peng’s back as ashes? Go study Hat Yai Accord, ex-IGP Rahim Noor tells upset Malaysians