PETALING JAYA, Oct 22 — Facebook user Sasuke Kun, who was issued a legal letter by producers of Munafik 2, denied he had earned money after leaking the film on the social media.

The user, who was identified as Muhammad Izwan Shah Kamal Shah, 30, also said the charges of him being the first to leak the film was untrue.

“I have never earned any money with what I did. My bank statements would prove that I only get a monthly salary from my job at a factory,” he wrote on Facebook.

Izwan also said he merely share the video which was posted on another Facebook account who had already deleted the original footage.

“The video was uploaded on Facebook on September 14. I merely share the link five days later,” he added.

Izwan thought it would not be an issue to share as users could not download the video since the the original post had been deleted.

Skop Production Sdn Bhd, producers of Munafik 2, lodged a formal complaint on October 8 and sent a legal letter to Izwan a few days later.

The case was heard today at Taiping High Court and Skop Production owner and director Datuk Yusof Haslam was seen talking to Izwan outside the court.

Munafik 2, which also stars Maya Karin and Nasir Bilal Khan, was shown in cinemas on August 30.

It has earned a box office collection of RM43 million after being shown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.