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2019/12/07 Sabah Umno granted autonomy at assembly
2019/12/07 Johor committed to balance state’s development in inclusive manner, says MB
2019/12/07 Amanah to complete filling national leadership posts on Dec 10
2019/12/07 Permaisuri Agong receives Craft Icon of the Year award in India
2019/12/07 Ramkarpal wants Umno man probed for accusing DAP of selling ICs, bringing in phantom voters
2019/12/07 Tunku Azizah receives Craft Icon of the Year Award in India
2019/12/07 Amanah approves constitutional amendments to create VP post for Sabah or Sarawak
2019/12/07 State tourism industry players told to be prepared for Visit Malaysia Year 2020
2019/12/07 Penang’s treated water amongst cleanest, safest in Malaysia, says PBAPP chief
2019/12/07 Floods: Terengganu recovers, number of victims in Kelantan down
2019/12/07 Indonesian trio remanded to facilitate triple murder probe
2019/12/07 Azmin: Focus on new govt should be reforms, not power transition
2019/12/07 Amanah Youth leader wants fixed date for PM power transition
2019/12/07 Azmin: Sunday meet not congress or appreciation dinner, it’s a briefing for SPV2030
2019/12/07 Maintaining status quo for Amanah leadership reflects ‘problem-free’ party, Khalid says
2019/12/07 Did my ‘Si Kitol’ speech irk you? That’s your problem, Anwar tells Azmin
2019/12/07 All Umno MPs loyal to party, Zahid assures delegates
2019/12/07 Govt to build 14 PPR projects nationwide in 2020
2019/12/07 Wanita Umno demands MOE’s stern action on ‘Negaraku’ in Mandarin incident, urges BM mastery
2019/12/07 Pakatan Harapan should make Sabah as its ‘fixed deposit’ state, says Amanah delegate
2019/12/07 Leaders who ‘can’t tell men and women apart’, palm oil... Umno rep lists Pakatan’s problems
2019/12/07 Criticisms by Amanah delegates against Gobind ‘normal’, says Khalid
2019/12/07 Don’t pin all hopes on Muafakat Nasional to win GE15, Tok Mat tells Umno
2019/12/07 Amanah rep says Gobind should be axed in event of Cabinet reshuffle
2019/12/07 Opposition needs Shadow Cabinet, says Umno delegate
2019/12/07 You broke ceasefire promise, Azmin tells Anwar
2019/12/07 Look at the bigger picture, Amanah Youth wing tells Dong Zong over education policies
2019/12/07 PKR aims to get one million members by end of 2020
2019/12/07 Azmin’s parallel congress still happening but now renamed ‘appreciation dinner’
2019/12/07 Amanah wants to communicate better party’s, govt’s struggles to people
2019/12/07 Police calls eight over fracases at PKR Youth congress
2019/12/07 Eddin: Efforts to strengthen Information Dept will continue
2019/12/07 At PKR congress, ceasefire ignored as delegates attack Azmin
2019/12/07 Umno delegate criticises Zahid’s leadership
2019/12/07 Puteri Umno forms ‘cyber squad’ in bid to attract young voters for GE15
2019/12/07 Trouble again: Azmin's faction stage walkout from PKR congress
2019/12/07 Met Dept issues bad weather warning for Sarawak
2019/12/07 MACC ready to place personnel at offices of mentris besar, chief ministers
2019/12/07 Wisma Putra: Three Malaysians killed in New Zealand car crash
2019/12/07 Use of old rhetorics to not implement bold reforms will never work, Anwar says
2019/12/07 Don't be a 'pondan' and form backdoor govt, Umno youth warns party leaders
2019/12/07 Azmin: Meeting with Anwar was to seek guidance to resolve fundamental party issues
2019/12/07 Malaysia, Vietnam should develop closer international relations, says deputy minister
2019/12/07 Amanah reps criticise govt's petrol subsidy plan, flying car project, says embarrassing to defend
2019/12/07 Amanah delegates criticise Gobind over absence of coverage for national convention
2019/12/07 Done being Mr Nice Guy, says Anwar after yesterday's ruckus at party congress
2019/12/07 Sultan Nazrin: Islamic finance set to be greater contribution to economy, society and environment
2019/12/07 Highlights of Najib’s SRC trial on December 3 and 4
2019/12/07 We must not 'win the battle and lose the war', Umno youth delegate warns party on seat negotiations with PAS
2019/12/07 Anwar: Majority of civil servants view govt positively