KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 — The former fiancee of cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida, Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli claims he has been advised by his doctor to tie the knot soon as he is “too fertile”.

Iqbal was supposed to marry Vida, or her real name Hasmiza Othman, last December before cancelling plans in October.

The entrepreneur said he was informed during a fertility test, Kosmo! reported.

“After the marriage (to Vida) did not happen, I went to see the doctor to check on my fertility.

“Alhamdulillah everything is well. In fact the doctor urged me to marry soon as I am too fertile,” he reportedly said.

“The doctor will laugh at me each time we meet. The doctor is concerned I may get stressed out because of the condition.”

Iqbal also said it cost him a mere RM50 to have the test when such a test would cost anything between RM150 and RM400.

He added that the doctor would check on the quality of his sperm, the shape and its mobility.

“Prior to having the test, we will need to fast. Avoid drinking coffee and have ample sleep.”

“The doctor also gave me a tip on how to increase the sperm's quality,” he said, adding that the test is not only for those who are married.

Meanwhile, Iqbal also slammed those who criticised him for adopting a child in Ahmad Ziyad just to create social media content.

“Some thought I adopted a child for content sake but they do not know how I take care of the baby everyday.”

“It is not easy, not everyone is capable of doing it. Now when I spend money, I have forgotten to buy luxurious items for myself.”