KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — TVB actor Moses Chan has topped the list of five highest-paid actors at the station in a list released recently.

Singapore portal Today reported that the list came about after word got around that fellow actor Ruco Chan had wanted to negotiate for a higher salary with the broadcaster but failed.

According to the portal, Chan was being rewarded for his loyalty to TVB, who reportedly pays him SG$5.24 million (RM16.3 million) a year.

The payment excludes income Chan, who has been with TVB for two decades, gets from product endorsements or other job offers, the portal said.

Coming in second on the list is Kenneth Ma, whose popularity hit the roof in recent years after dramas such as The Exorcist’s Meter (2017) and Big White Duel (2019) were huge successes.

Ma drew SG$1.4 million (RM4.36 million) a year.

Third on the list is Vincent Wong, who drew SG$1.05 million (RM3.27 million) annually.

The portal said Wong had been cutting down on his workload in recent years, which could be the reason for his fourth placing.

Tied in fourth place are Wayne Lai and Chan, drawing SG$870,000 (RM2.71 million) each.

While Lai may not be drawing a lot of income from acting in Hong Kong, the portal said a large part of his income comes from attending events in China.

Chan, who won the 2016 Best Actor for TVB awards, was said to have wanted to negotiate for a higher salary as his current contract will end this year.

The 44-year-old, however, had since come forward to deny the rumors and said he was paid a “good amount”.