‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe’, the show based on a video game based on ‘80s action tropes

‘Castlevania’ was received as one of film and TV's best video game adaptations. — AFP pic
‘Castlevania’ was received as one of film and TV's best video game adaptations. — AFP pic

LOS ANGELES, Oct 12 — The producer of Castlevania is now involved with Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, a series based on 2013 video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which itself was a parody of and homage to 1980s action TV, toy, and movie tropes.

When four-episode animated series Castlevania debuted in 2017, it was received as one of film and TV’s best video game adaptations to date, if not a little short given its polish and potential.

Its network, Netflix, and producer Adi Shankar extended it with an eight-episode second season.

The pair had already renewed their partnership with a project to adapt Capcom’s iconic hack and slash action game franchise Devil May Cry, and now French-headquartered game company Ubisoft is in the mix through Captain Laserhawk.

Making the announcement through The Hollywood Reporter, Ubisoft Film & Television managing director Hélène Juguet foresaw the show as part of a multiverse overlapping with other Ubisoft titles.

Released in 2013, action shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a standalone expansion to and thematic overhaul of predecessor Far Cry 3.

Instead of sending players to a dangerous, remote island in the modern-day Pacific Ocean, “Blood Dragon” transports them into a nuclear-blasted 2007 (as seen from a 1980s perspective).

It’s a world of cyborg super-soldiers, bodybuilder heroes, plenty of neon and glistening metal, and laser dinosaurs.

The game was crammed with references to ‘80s classics Predator, RoboCop, Terminator”and more, down to casting Terminator supporting actor Michael Beihn as its main character.

As well as Captain Laserhawk, Juguet announced a TV special for Rabbids Invasion, plus a comedy adventure inspired by a long-lasting “Rayman” franchise, and a show about a crime-solving teenage hacker inspired by (but not directly adapting existing entries from) the “Watch Dogs” franchise.

There’s also an episodic Hungry Shark Show which derives its name from Ubisoft’s mobile game franchise Hungry Shark—not YouTube sensation Baby Shark—but any brand confusion might not harm the new show’s chances.

The existing Raving Rabbids adaptation, children’s animated show Rabbids Invasion, was distributed through France 3, Nickelodeon and Netflix. — AFP-Relaxnews

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