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2021/11/30 Malaysian AIDS Foundation Red Ribbon Gala 2021’s menu emphasises healthy local cuisine, ‘Kita Jaga Kita’ concept
2021/11/30 UKM researcher produces supplement made from Ulam Raja to help prevent elderly senile dementia (VIDEO)
2021/11/30 Woman in China refuses to divorce abusive husband, claiming he’s more attractive than Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu
2021/11/30 In a first, Taiwanese restaurant launches non-fungible tokens for its food
2021/11/30 Retired housekeeper in the US wins lottery three times since 2018
2021/11/30 Man in Indonesia with history of mental illness digs up wife’s grave twice after hearing a ‘strange whisper’
2021/11/30 Revellers and Oasis tribute band stranded in UK's highest pub due to blizzard
2021/11/30 ‘Cashier may have made an error’, says owner of Penang restaurant that sold RM18 ‘kailan ikan masin’
2021/11/30 UNAIDS: HIV infection rates not decreasing fast enough
2021/11/30 'Vaccine' is word of the year for US dictionary Merriam-Webster
2021/11/30 How scientists are hunting for gene link to severe Covid
2021/11/30 Designer Virgil Abloh remembered at Fashion Awards
2021/11/29 Endangered gazelles spring back in Jerusalem park
2021/11/29 AirAsia offers promotions for travellers to Singapore in conjunction with VTL
2021/11/29 Passengers dumbstruck as woman aboard flight to Atlanta breastfeeds cat
2021/11/29 Want a permanent solution to optic glasses, contact lenses? Here’s what LASIK surgery offers
2021/11/29 After siakap fish fiasco in Langkawi, Penang restaurant probed for RM18 'kailan ikan masin' dish
2021/11/29 Ikea Japan to rent out a tiny apartment in Tokyo for less than RM4 per month
2021/11/29 In Russia, abused dog found with missing paws gets new lease of life after being fitted with prosthetic legs
2021/11/29 ‘Golden blood’: Terengganu woman is among the 43 people in the world with rarest blood type
2021/11/29 Dog in US gets adopted after being in a animal shelter for over five years
2021/11/29 Cancer stricken Chihuahua in US finds its forever home after beating disease
2021/11/29 Rare hunting scene raises questions over polar bear diet
2021/11/29 China’s carbon emissions fall for first time since Covid-19 lockdowns, says report
2021/11/29 Virgil Abloh: The man who brought the street to the catwalk
2021/11/29 ‘Visionary’ fashion designer Virgil Abloh dies aged 41
2021/11/28 For Americans, convenience of buy-now-pay-later services come with risks
2021/11/28 Transgender doctor and Instagram star fights bigotry
2021/11/28 Why Africa is dominating literary prizes in 2021
2021/11/28 Perlis artists create history by building ‘Telaga Bunga Emas’ replica
2021/11/28 When Italy’s anti-mafia prosecutor listens, testimonies flow
2021/11/28 Monkey business at Thai town fruit festival
2021/11/28 New Zealand politician cycles to hospital in labour, gives birth
2021/11/28 What is known so far about new Covid variant Omicron
2021/11/27 Croatia’s truffle hunters seek habitat protection amid climate change
2021/11/27 ‘Human zoos’ were vectors for racism, a Belgian exhibition shows
2021/11/27 Rare wild bees find has English country estate buzzing
2021/11/27 Shape shifting’ US painter Mark Bradford explores racial tensions in Portugal show
2021/11/27 Down with Covid-19 or flu? When you don't feel well, good nutrition is more important than ever
2021/11/27 Happy Feet: Volunteer pedicurists help Hong Kong’s elderly
2021/11/27 Latin America’s women writers ride wave of acclaim
2021/11/27 At this ‘night at the museum’ in Paris, guests can experience a journey of the senses (VIDEO)
2021/11/27 London appeal court ruling on Meghan privacy case due next week
2021/11/27 Penang artist tells saga of multicultural Malaysia in bid for third Malaysia Book of Records entry
2021/11/27 In Oxford, refugees are being trained as tour guides
2021/11/27 Psychodermatology: The role of mind-skin interactions in treating dermatological disorders
2021/11/26 Comic book artist shares the multicultural stories of Penang in ‘Sama-Sama: George Town’ exhibition
2021/11/26 Eight artists reflect on what it's like to be confined at home during lockdown in three-day group exhibition
2021/11/26 Thailand police warn sexy crispy pancake vendor to wear a bra, maintain social distance from customers
2021/11/26 Mountain climbers rescue stray dog stranded on inactive volcano in Mexico (VIDEO)