KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — A Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) researcher has produced a supplement using Ulam Raja (King’s Salad) that can help in preventing senile dementia among the elderly.

UKM took to its official Facebook to share the achievement of 28-year-old researcher, You Yee Xing who was awarded the ‘Anugerah Emas Kedoktoran’ at UKM’s 49th convocation ceremony.

The Ulam Raja supplement which contains a micronutrient usually found in plants called polyphenol and antioxidants can help in preventing senility amongst elderly.

The supplement has the potential to act as an agent in preventing cognitive disorders by reducing the lipid peroxidation while increasing the levels of glutathione serum, further activating the brain.

You’s research has found that the supplement can also increase the global cognitive functioning and working memory while also decreasing tensions and emotional disturbance amongst the elderly.

You, through a video on YouTube posted by ‘UKM Tube’ explains that he conducted a research on the effectiveness of the supplement towards the elderly.

“The results from the research could not only bring positive impacts towards public health but it can also be used for economic knowledge,” he said.

“This knowledge or information could lead to the growth of agro-based industry and also the agriculture industry relating to Ulam Raja thus increasing the nation’s income,” You said in the video.

You is a PhD graduate from UKM’s faculty of health sciences, majoring in dietetics.

In the video, You thanked his parents, academic supervisors and other colleagues as well as UKM.

Ulam Raja is a leaf that is commonly used in many traditional local dishes such as Tempoyak and Nasi Kerabu. 

According to a report by local health portal The Diagnosa, Ulam Raja has a lot of health benefits which includes controlling sugar levels in our blood, bone protection and also for detoxing.