KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 ― Over 50 pub goers and members of a tribute rock band were stranded at UK's highest pub for three days due to a blizzard.

Storm Arwen left the Tan Hill Inn at Yorkshire Dales buried in around 1.5 meters of snow cutting off customers and the band as vehicles got covered in snow and roads blocked, Manchester Evening News reported.

Many had travelled to the remote pub in Richmond to watch an Oasis tribute band called 'Noasis' perform.

The weather, however, turned bad forcing many of the customers to spend the night on the floor of the bar.

When they woke up the next day, the pub, which was 527.9 meters above sea level, was buried under snow.

Roads became impassable and guests were advised to remain in the inn.

Inn owner Mike Kenny said guests were advised to stay in rather than endangering their life on the snow covered moors.

According to CNN, there are three routes to the isolated pub.

Two of them were blocked by snow drifts, and a downed power line shut the third.

Co-owner Andrew Hields said that this was not the first time snow has stranded guests at the pub.

Hields was reported to have said as soon as there is a weather warning, staff would stock up on fuel, food and drink.