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2020/12/31 Budget 2021: What is the transfer pricing impact on Malaysian companies? — Sarah Chew
2020/12/31 Beating Covid in 2021: Managing time, risk and ambition — Khor Swee Kheng
2020/12/31 Stopping tobacco black market with price solutions — Luca Bertoletti
2020/12/30 Four pandemic lessons for 2021 — Malaysian Health Coalition
2020/12/30 We need a shot in the arm for cancer — Azrul Mohd Khalib
2020/12/29 Covid-19: Not just a matter of life or death — Mark Cheong
2020/12/29 2020 in review: The unprecedentedness of things — Jamari Mohtar
2020/12/29 Treat migrant workers humanely, prevent modern slavery — Muzaffar Syah Mallow and Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman
2020/12/29 Frozen meat cartel needs to be nipped at the bud — Consumers Association of Penang
2020/12/28 Time for registration of foreigners — Norman Fernandez
2020/12/24 All I want for Christmas is a just Malaysia — Kasthuri Patto
2020/12/23 Are we ready for an Asean travel balloon? ― Jayant Menon
2020/12/23 Halal meat scandal: Blockchain technology to the rescue? — Jamari Mohtar
2020/12/22 Would Covid pandemic change our way of life and minds? — Boo Cheng Hau
2020/12/21 Immunisation safety a long-term priority — Winnie Ong
2020/12/20 Sunday conversation: My early thoughts on the impending Covid-19 vaccination in our nation — Musa Mohd Nordin
2020/12/17 Home minister’s initiative on statelessness needs new procedures, mechanisms — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/12/17 Danger from Covid-19 misinformation, disinformation — Azrul Mohd Khalib
2020/12/17 Transcending BLM and ALM: Looking at context-specific atrocities — Imad Alatas
2020/12/16 Right to hire, right to fire — Hafiz Hassan
2020/12/15 Right to hire, no right to fire — Azalina Othman Said
2020/12/14 The ‘partiality’ of rating agencies — Jamari Mohtar and Jason Loh
2020/12/14 Halal polemics over Covid-19 vaccine has begun — Musa Mohd Nordin
2020/12/13 As Australia grapples with rise in tobacco smuggling and illegal trade, South-east Asia must learn from its mistakes — Jo Furnival
2020/12/11 Carbon neutrality by 2050: The world's most urgent mission ― António Guterres
2020/12/11 Interstate travel greatly helps revive tourism industry — Farhan Kamarulzaman
2020/12/11 Not time for 'fiscal prudence' but 'extraordinary fiscal prudence' — Margarita Peredaryenko, Ameen Kamal and Sofea Azahar
2020/12/09 Solve discrimination against children born abroad to Malaysian women by amending the Second Schedule of the Constitution — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/12/08 Lessons for our future generations — Saleh Mohammed
2020/12/08 Are you climate-literate? — Rayyan Mohd Yunus
2020/12/08 Leverage Internet penetration to expand e-commerce market — Sofea Azahar
2020/12/07 Hope the next Perak MB respects Orang Asli rights — Jaos
2020/12/06 We need to address the matter of trust in MySejahtera — KV Soon
2020/12/04 Israeli’s extraterritorial aggressions and operations must end now — Abdul Razak Ahmad and Amirun Hamman
2020/12/03 The next step in Malaysia’s vaccine journey — Nur Nabila binti Nasharuddin and Khor Swee Kheng
2020/12/03 A strategic case for Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia merger — Ameen Kamal and Sofea Azahar
2020/12/03 Will mRNA vaccines mess up my DNA? — Musa Mohd Nordin and Husna Musa
2020/12/02 A call for an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-Covid-19 Malaysia — Muhamad Nadhir Abdul Nasir
2020/12/02 Asia’s next challenge lies in securing its water future — Kenth Hvid Nielsen
2020/12/02 In a divided world, the Covid-19 vaccine proves what international collaboration can achieve — Denis Mizne
2020/12/01 Water fraternity uncertainties with Covid-19 — Prem Kumar Nair
2020/12/01 Building blocks for Malaysia 5.0 — Margarita Peredaryenko
2020/11/30 Time for MAS and unions to look beyond bailouts — Ameen Kamal
2020/11/30 The case against universal basic income — Jason Loh
2020/11/29 A holistic and compassionate approach to Covid-19 in foreign workers — Musa Mohd Nordin
2020/11/27 Appreciate the sacrifices of our frontliners ― Yeap Ming Liong
2020/11/27 Reflection of bipartisan budget but more should be done — Sofea Azahar
2020/11/26 Empathy is all we need — Suzianah Nhazzla
2020/11/26 Maradona, standout among galaxy of Argentina's football stars — Vijay Eswaran
2020/11/26 Leaders and politicians, don’t overstay your welcome — Saleh Mohammed