Stupendous imbecility! — Lee Yew Meng

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OCTOBER 9 — If our Malaysia Book of Records have a category on “Shortest time to achieve the highest name recall”, I think Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos wins hands down.

How about “Silliest antics ever?” or “Can you believe this idiocy?” I am just making light of this funny fellow who is not drawing laughs anymore.

His latest beer smashing stunt purportedly to prevent any staging of beer festivals in Selangor, held at the gates of the State Secretariat Building, must be taken as a serious warning that we are to expect more incredulous activities.

It can be quite befuddling to try to figure his end-game because it all seem so self-defeating — for his professed causes, even for any political advantages and most of all his self-esteem.

Well, on self-esteem, I am even more befuddled. To each his own, I suppose.

Jamal is the Umno Sungei Besar division chief. It is a big post as the incumbent is usually the top contender to be a parliamentary or state assembly election candidate.

If not, he will at least wield considerable influence to select the eventual candidates, whom upon winning could be appointed state exco members or be part of the Federal government.

Therefore it is not quite enough for the Selangor state leadership to disclaim accountability because Jamal wasn’t representing the party in these shenanigans.

Jamal’s character, personality and state of mind will have some impact in shaping state party policies and direction because he is a member of the state leadership.

So it is incumbent upon his party to take disciplinary action. The party has its reputation to maintain and protect.

This beer busting action already warrants a series of charges ranging from disturbing the peace, attempted destruction of public property, criminal intimidation, and more.

He has a history of creating a ruckus i.e. dumping rubbish at the entrance of a media organisation, clad in towels with toothbrush and soap clamouring to take a shower at the same state building, and attempts to provoke retaliation at civil society gatherings with his Red Shirts.

The authorities may want to dismiss his actions as mere clowning around.

But I am afraid he could be reading the wrong message and has become even more brazen.

We must be mindful that our impressionable youths could find in Jamal a fabulous role model based on how he has been expressing his displeasures.

Never mind the rules and the authorities! Just be superbly outlandish.

How did those kids get the idea that starting a fire in the tahfiz is a “prank of distinction”?

We can think Jamal may be a “stupendous imbecile” but when things get out of hand we may also qualify as the same for not having taken action sooner.

There are so many examples all over the world on calamities that could have been avoided.

He must be hauled up pronto before he seriously endangers himself, consequently seriously endangering our already delicate society.

Why do I keep thinking of a ticking time-bomb?

* Datuk Lee Yew Meng is the CEO of Genovasi Malaysia.

** This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.

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