KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 4 — Monsta and Astro Shaw move into 2021 with the launch of its official trailer for Mechamato, a new animated film featuring a new superhero character named Amato.

Monsta, known for its popular BoBoiBoy animation, said in a statement that Amato is the father of BoBoiBoy and made his first “cameo” at the end of the BoBoiBoy Movie 2 movie credits.

The company said Mechamato is part of the Power Sphera Universe with a chronology of the pre-BoBoiBoy era when Amato was still in school.

“Amato has indirectly mastered MechaBot — Power Sphera with Mechanize Power that can turn ordinary objects into sophisticated equipment.

“When the city of Kota Hilir is threatened, Amato and MechaBot must join forces and use the Mechanise Power to become superheroes with the title of Mechamato,” said Monsta.

Meanwhile, Monsta said that although 2020 is a challenging year for the film industry, the situation does not prevent the company from remaining committed to producing the best animation for the country, thus continuing the momentum enjoyed in the wake of BoBoiBoy Movie 2’s success.

According to the company, the production phase of the Mechamato is now almost complete and it will be screened nationwide when market conditions recover and cinemas reopen.

Clearly for the company, Mechamato is the biggest project from Monsta for this year, producing an animated film and series.

“More proudly, the Mechamato animated series will penetrate the international market through the Cartoon Network channel which will be broadcast in more than 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“The official trailer of the Mechamato film has sparked a phenomenon on social media as the hashtag #MechamatoMovie was trending in the first half an hour after the launch with an over seven million reach on Twitter, followed by the hashtag #Mechanizing2021 in seventh place,” according to Monsta.

In addition, Monsta said that the search for “Mechamato” and “Father of BoBoiBoy” was also the talk of netizens with almost three billion reached within 12 hours of the trailer being aired.

“This phenomenon was also felt by neighbouring country Indonesia when “Ayah BoBoiBoy” trended on Twitter five days before the trailer was launched, while on YouTube, this trailer recorded trending in first place for the film category in Malaysia and third place for the film category in Indonesia.

“This trailer has reached over one million views on social media sites within two days of its launch,” he said.

In this regard, Monsta and Astro Shaw hope the launch of the official trailer of the Mechamato film can excite fans and the country’s film buffs.

“Look forward to the appearance of the Mechamato film in cinemas all over Malaysia soon. The Mechamato film promises an experience that will surely be able to entertain the whole family,” added Monsta. — Bernama