Malaysian actress Lin Min Chen lands lead role in HK movie, but doesn’t have a single line

Lin Min Chen achieved Insta-fame through her famous ‘holding things’ photos. — CinemaOnline pic
Lin Min Chen achieved Insta-fame through her famous ‘holding things’ photos. — CinemaOnline pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Instagram sensation Lin Min Chen makes her big movie break in Hong Kong’s latest vampire movie starring several industry veterans like Chin Siu Ho, Richard Ng, and Lo Mang, and also rising star, Babyjohn Choi.

The Taiwan-based Malaysian actress, who is known for her angelic face and killer body, became the subject of much teasing at the recent press conference of Vampire Cleanup Department at VE Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

As the only female main character in the movie, the 26-year-old star was often doted on by the two directors Yan Pak Wing and Chiu Sin Hang, or so complained by BabyJohn Choi and Chin Siu Ho as they both never got the same kind treatment as Lin.

“I noticed that when it comes to my scenes, there is only one director there to guide me. But when it’s Min Chen’s scene, both directors are there to guide her!” Babyjohn joked.

Siu Ho also added that the directors would sometime go the extra length to teach her Cantonese even though she doesn’t even have any lines in the movie.

“She comes to Hong Kong from another country, so we need to give her the hospitality,” director Chiu Sin Hang defended himself.

Lin, on the other hand, was very thankful to have been given the opportunity to be in the film and she also admitted that her Cantonese has certainly improved a lot thanks to the cast and crew.

The Penang-born actress plays a female vampire who is the main character’s love interest. She also doesn’t have a single line in the movie.

Though Lin is glad that she has no lines in movie since her Cantonese is only mediocre at best, she finds it challenging that she needed to deliver her character’s emotions with only her body language and facial expressions.

Vampire Cleanup Department is now showing in Malaysia and Singapore cinemas. — CinemaOnline

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