SUBANG, Nov 27 — Tun Daim Zainuddin has dismissed claims suggesting that Bumiputeras are more superior than other races in Malaysia.

He questioned if there were proof of these claims and if there were notable achievements, if at all the claims were true.

“What can you be proud of? You are struggling so how can you be superior?” he asked during the Poverty In Malaysia: Reality vs Perception dialogue organised by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) today.

Daim reminded that, all are equal in the eyes of God.

Citing examples of former badminton champion Datuk Lee Chong Wai, and songstress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, unless if one is better than another, then they can claim they are superior.

“But if you want to say that you are more superior, what are you superior for?

If you are superior, what is your achievement?” he said.

Daim was referring to the majority of Bumiputera population which are currently part of the Bottom 40 (B40) category.

It was reported that currently 70 per cent of the B40 group are Bumiputera.

Daim had commented on the National Economic Policy (NEP) where the government aimed to raise Bumiputera equity ownership to 30 per cent as part of its efforts to increase Bumiputera participation in the economy.

However, when asked why the government had set the percentage at 30 per cent, he said he was unsure.

“I don’t know where the figure 30 per cent number came from. That was the number set at the time, there was no scientific research done,” he said.

The 30 per cent target was set after May 13, 1969 due to the economic gap between races in the country.

During the launch of the Shared Prosperity Vision (SPV) 2030 last month, Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said the government was working towards achieving that target.

The SPV was launched as a new roadmap for the country, to enable equal opportunities for all races, specifically to help improve the living standards of the B40.

He instead said that should not be the focus, but had advised to focus on education, which is a better investment.