KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 ― The Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) will issue licences to public transport terminals and stations nationwide in an effort to improve services and control charges impose on consumers, Berita Harian reported today.

APAD Express Bus and Terminal Director Zaid Sabit @ Mubin said the agency is also working on setting up terminal operator regulations including uniforming charges and this will be done through the amendments to the Land Public Transport Act (Amendment) 2018 which is expected to be gazetted in the fourth quarter of this year.

“When enforced later, charges imposed by terminal operators, especially for passengers can be controlled,” he was quoted saying.

“Through the licensing, the rate of charge will be standardised between 50 cents and RM1 according to the terminal grade rating, A, B or C. Ratings are based on service level, safety, closed circuit television system, facilities and user convenience, including amenities for the disabled.

“Based on previous studies, 80 per cent of the total 122 terminals in the country operates below satisfactory levels,” he reportedly said.

At present, terminal operators providing Central Sales Ticket System (CTS) at their respective premises charge fees known as Facility Charges to each bus passenger who purchased tickets there, at rates ranging from 70 sen to RM2.

Zaid said APAD would ensure that the collection of charges was used to cover operating costs and upgrade the terminal to achieve the standard quality set by the licence conditions.

He said the goal was to ensure that operators would be more responsible for managing terminals such as maintenance, hygiene and operational management of public transport vehicles as well as passengers.

Failure to upheld to current standards as per the licence will see terminal operators face a fine of up to a maximum of RM500,000.

“However, there are users who compare operations at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) that do not charge users.

“For your information, TBS is a terminal that is fully subsidies by the government to operate,” he said, stating further that private entities also operates transport terminals.

“As an example of TBS, it is built by the government, but terminal operators are selected through a tender process to operate the terminal,” he said.

Zaid also urged terminal operators to utilise the CTS system as it is more transparent and fair to the consumers.

The system would also allow better enforcement to be carried out by APAD on transport operators said Zaid.