Fashion alert: Low-rise jeans are making a comeback

Low-rise jeans are back. — Shutterstock pic via ETX Studio
Low-rise jeans are back. — Shutterstock pic via ETX Studio

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PARIS, Jan 19 — We thought we’d seen it all, but fashion always has some surprises in store for us. After cycling shorts, the bucket hat, and platform sneakers, it’s time for low-rise jeans! 

This noughties essential is back in force, in baggy cuts to show off flat bellies and sculpted abs.... As for the others, we’ll pass.

Fashion is all about endless cycles, what’s old is new and so on. That said, we thought learning from past mistakes was still part of the game, in order to enjoy an on-trend wardrobe to the fullest.

But clearly that’s not always the case! Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Izabel Goulart have for several weeks now been wearing a reboot of the Y2K style of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, in a baggy version with low-waist trousers and a bra or a crop top. The idea being that the more you see, the better! 

We had an inkling that this trend was making a comeback, but, we admit it, we didn’t want to believe it.

The recent craze for noughties fashion — and for Paris Hilton — would inevitably bring back the low waist, even extreme low styles. But we didn’t expect it to resurface so quickly.

On TikTok, young fashion addicts swear by low-waist jeans with already more than 10 million views for the “low waist” hashtag.

And let’s face it, this trend will be accompanied by other collateral damage straight out of the 2000s, starting with the exposed thong. Just take a look on Instagram to discover the two strings, one on each side, coming out of a pair of jeans, baggy trousers, or a low-rise tracksuit, that is when it’s not a gold chain.

The return of the belly button piercing and the butterfly tattoo scrolled on the lower back shouldn’t be too long now in making their comebacks to make the look complete. — ETX Studio


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