Angry Tanjong Karang woman bashes snake with ladle

The woman bashed the snake on its head to a pulp with a ladle. — Picture from Twitter/@ ybmisai97
The woman bashed the snake on its head to a pulp with a ladle. — Picture from Twitter/@ ybmisai97

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PETALING JAYA, July 8 — “Next time don’t show up when I’m in a bad mood, you’ll get it from me.”

This was one woman’s response after killing a snake which had entered her house.

For the dead snake, it was just bad timing.

Twitter user @ybmisai97 was in a foul mood over a fight with her boyfriend when the reptile, which appeared to be a cobra, paid a visit to her house, situated in a rural area in Tanjong Karang.


Instead of panicking, @ybmisai97 reached for a ladle in her kitchen and bashed the snake to death.

“I killed it using a big ladle. I was moody because I was fighting with my boyfriend so the bashing was mixed with anger,” @ybmisai97 replied when asked how she killed the snake.



She later explained that she did not hate snakes but was forced to kill it because it was about to attack her nephew.

The young lady, in subsequent posts shared images of her own reptile collection, which included a snake, adding that she was licenced exotic pet owner.

“By the way, this is not the first time a snake entered my house because I live in a village,” she said.

While some replies were of a religious nature — it is understood via the tweets that some Muslims believe that jinns take the form of snakes.

Others took the mickey out of the snake’s untimely demise based on another belief that one shouldn’t kill a snake in the house.

“My mom killed a snake, the next day its partner came by and she had to kill it,” explained @VampurrN.

“Let’s hope the snake is single,” @aqqin33 said while @hang_madi wrote, “Hope the second snake that was killed was not having an affair. Otherwise you’d have to kill a third snake.”



User @aimanzhaikal_ also joined in on the hilarious thread.

“If I saw a snake in my house, I’ll leave and give the snake my house. I’ll buy a new one.”

“I hate wasting so I just killed it,” replied @ybmisai97.

The tweet, accompanied by a grisly picture, has been retweeted more than 6,900 times since it was posted on Saturday.

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