WOLFSBURG, Jan 19 — Volkswagen is jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

The German automaker announced that it will unveil its very first NFT Golf in February 2022, but not necessarily in the usual sense of a non-fungible digital token.

Is Volkswagen getting into the NFT game? In fact, the carmaker is promising a new Golf, simply called NFT, for “Notably Fast Transporter.”

That’s all we know officially, even if the ambiguity is obviously intentional.

The only picture put online by Volkswagen doesn’t show any details of this new Golf.

The teaser only suggests that it will probably be the fastest version in the range.

The other kind of NFT, the kind getting a lot of headlines in the last several months, takes the form of a unique certified digital token, which guarantees its exclusive character.

So what could Volkswagen be planning? Exclusive digital content? A fully virtual version?

This would be in line with what Alpine has recently proposed. The car manufacturer has created concept cars in NFT format that can be used in a video game!

We’ll have to wait until February to see what Volkswagen has in store with its NFT launch. — ETX Studio