PARIS, May 9 — Next Blue Tech, a start-up based in the Provence region in the south of France, specialises in the design of silent, emissions-free, electrically propelled watercraft.

Its BlueWay is a bit like a paddle board with handlebars, using electric propulsion and designed to be environmentally friendly. Will it make a splash this summer?

The BlueWay is described as a marine scooter that uses electric propulsion. Produced in Provence, France, it is now exported all over the world (United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy...).

The start-up describes BlueWay as an environmentally friendly leisure mode of entertainment and exploration.


The board is 2.5 meters long and has a 400 W electric engine, with propeller propulsion guaranteed to be totally silent, and enabling the user to reach a cruising speed equivalent to 7 km/h.

Its lithium-ion battery gives it a life span of about 7 hours, enough to enjoy using it almost all day long. It can be recharged in three and a half hours. The whole unit weighs 50 kg and the handlebar can be folded, in order to be transported easily.

The product is also designed to minimise environmental impact in its production. The polyethylene float is 100 per cent recyclable and has been designed to resist shocks and overturns. The motor, transmission and handlebars are also made of recyclable materials (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) and the use of glue has been kept to a minimum.


The BlueWay retails for €7,000 (32,256.26 before taxes). It is mainly aimed at leisure professionals so that they can offer it through rentals to tourists. If you have the chance, will you try it out this summer?  — ETX Studio