'Fortnite' launches Harley Quinn outfits, challenges

'Fortnite' models its Harley Quinn Bundle outfits after the 2016 and 2020 movies starring the character. ― Picture courtesy of Epic Games via AFP
'Fortnite' models its Harley Quinn Bundle outfits after the 2016 and 2020 movies starring the character. ― Picture courtesy of Epic Games via AFP

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 7 ― After buying a Suicide Squad costume for their Fortnite characters, players can unlock the newer “Birds of Prey” outfit by completing three challenges.

As Harley Quinn returns to cinemas in Birds of Prey, she is also being inducted into Fortnite, the game's developer has confirmed.

The character skin will be available to purchase from the in-game Item Shop from 7pm PST on Februrary 6 to February 17.

Epic Games made the announcement a day after the relevant files had been found inside a Fortnite update.

The company specified that while the Harley Quin Bundle includes two alternatives to the game's standard Pickaxe tool and weapon hybrid ― the Harley Hitter baseball bat and Punchline Pickaxes mallet ― a second character outfit could only be unlocked through play.

Of the two outfits, the first is modelled after Harley's look in 2016 DC Comics movie Suicide Squad.

The second takes after the character's appearance in “Birds of Prey.” Margot Robbie played Harley Quinn both times.

A price was not given, though a previous DC Comics collaboration for 2019's Batman Day had the Batman Caped Crusader Pack at US$19.99 (RM78.41).

A three-stage challenge was already inferred from the earlier datamine, and Epic has now brought greater clarity to its structure.

Players have to place within the top 30, top 20 and then top 10 in Solo, Duos, or Squad matches, they have to hit weak points (100 times, per a datamined graphic), and deal damage using Pickaxes (100 times, again from the datamine).

Thanks to a bug in the 11.50 game patch that interferes with the weak point subsystem, Epic is expected to release a hotfix which will make the tricky art of hitting them a more reliable process.

What are Fortnite weak points?

After hitting a harvestable object for the first time, a blue circular target appears somewhere on it. The circle has an orange dot inside it and four orange triangles around its outside.

Once one is successfully hit, a new one appears, and so on until the object is completely harvested.

They're nonessential and easy to ignore for those in a harvesting frenzy, but isolating them makes for faster resource gathering and trains players to aim more precisely.

This in turn increases their mastery of the game, a factor that can then lead to greater engagement. For a free-to-play game that makes its money from optional Item Store spends (such as the Harley Quinn Bundle), that's crucial. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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