Devices that will turn your student dorm into a smart home

Amazon Echo Dot. — AFP-Relaxnews pic
Amazon Echo Dot. — AFP-Relaxnews pic

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NEW YORK, Aug 10 — For the students getting ready to go off to college for the first time, here’s a handful of the dorm-friendly smart home devices that you can take with you to ensure both you and your dorm make the grade.

When moving from a smart home to an ancient dorm, not all technology has to be lost; here’s a list of space-efficient devices to turn your new bedroom into an intelligent one.

Compact smart home device with voice assistant

Smart home devices like Amazon’s Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini are among the most compact versions of this type of technology. Both items — which will fit easily even within a shared bedroom -- combine a handful of devices like speakers, radios, and alarm clocks into one, replacing several that would otherwise take up valuable space.

Examples of compact smart home devices with voice assistant compatibility include the Amazon Echo Dot (RM209) and the Google Home Mini (RM208).

Smart alarm clock

If you don’t need a product quite as comprehensive as a universal smart home device, you could opt for the Lenovo Smart Clock. This smart alarm clock features the Google Assistant and has a touchscreen display that can show you the weather forecast, give you your schedule, and play music. 

The Lenovo Smart Clock retails for $79.99 (RM355).

Smart plug or power strip

Smart plugs and power strips simplify the life of the busy student by connecting their standard lights with whichever voice assistant that they’re accustomed to. For those who struggle to make it to that 8am class, a smart plug allows them to set their lamp to turn on automatically at 7am. Otherwise, this can simply prevent the roommate on the top bunk from having to climb up and down the ladder every time they want to adjust the lights. 

Examples of smart plugs and power strips include the Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug or the LeFun Wi-Fi Power Strip.

Smart light bulbs

If the smart plug is not for you, you could instead choose to go for the smart lightbulb like a Philips Hue or Sengled LED bulb. Once set up, these can be controlled with your voice or smartphone also allowing you to set light schedules.

Examples of smart light bulbs include Philips Hue smart bulbs or Sengled’s Smart LED Daylight A19 bulb. — AFP-Relaxnewa

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