KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman has decried “gossip and slander” targeting him after viral social media posts and video of a woman in a peach kebaya meeting him in Putrajaya yesterday.

The youth and sports minister said the woman, whose identity is still unknown, was part of a delegation from local electronic sports powerhouse Orange E-sports.

“In the world of politics, slander and gossip are inseparable,” Syed Saddiq told the press at the Parliament here. A recording of the doorstop was made available to Malay Mail

He also denied rumours that the woman is his personal assistant or secretary, saying the records on his ministry’s website will affirm the fact.

When asked who the woman really is, Syed Saddiq replied: “That’s for you to ask, I came to a meeting, so I entertained them. I followed the standard operating procedures.”

Syed Saddiq also clarified that the woman is not transgender, as accused by several parties.

“I was informed that she is a mother of two, of her own blood... That is its own answer,” he said.



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He also denied that the woman was awarded a major contract during the 30-minute meeting on e-sports.

“Everyday, I meet a lot of people, and she came (as) part of a group. I’m not sure why people focused on her and not the other six people,” he said.

In the Instagram account @cleopatra_x3, the woman posted several photos of her wearing a peach and coral kebaya, joining the meeting, even sitting directly beside the minister during the event.

A video that has become viral showed the woman entering the minister’s office, walking in front and followed by the other men, before she took a seat beside Syed Saddiq.

Founded in July 2011, Orange E-sports sponsors competitive gaming teams to represent the country in tournaments.

Malay Mail is contacting Orange E-sports to verify the identity of the woman.