KUALA LUMPUR, May 13 ― Actress Emma Maembong has come under fire for appearing in a “sexy” singlet in her Instagram boomerang clip.

The 30-year-old captured the attention of social media users when she shared the six-second video posing for the camera in a white singlet and red pants.

Online users were quick to react by throwing in their criticism and religious advice in the comment section.



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Many told the actress to dress in a proper manner considering her role as a wife and mother.

Some also pointed out that she was exposing too much skin which was against the religion.

“From wearing a headscarf to being like this?

“Hope you receive guidance from Allah as soon as possible,” a user wrote.

Another user said it was sad to see Emma abandoning her tudung.

“She used to be nice when she had a hijab.”

Emma isn’t the only celebrity who has come under fire for her choice of attire.

In the past, female celebrities mainly from the Malay Muslim community were publicly shamed on social media for not wearing the tudung or accused of wearing revealing clothes.