PETALING JAYA, Jan 7 — The Malaysian designer who created the controversial shoulder-baring dress worn by the model Natasha Hudson says he is disappointed to see it on a hijabi.

Rizman Nordin of Rizman Ruzaini told Kosmo! Online he was surprised to see his creation on a tudung-wearing celebrity, adding that the gown was purchased online anonymously three months ago.

“The outfit was part of a collection of bridal gowns that was launched three years ago and was on a 90 per cent markdown.

“As the designer of the dress, I’m shocked and rather disappointed because the wearer was a hijabi.

“Her actions could tarnish Rizman Ruzaini’s image and reputation that we’ve built for the past 15 years,” he said.

No stranger to dressing some of Malaysia’s biggest names, Rizman said he was angry when the news reached him because the gown was designed for “free-hair women”, a term for non-tudung wearers.

“Admittedly, I was angry when I found out (Natasha) was the one wearing it because she wears a tudung.

“That dress was made for free-hair women and was once modelled by the actress Fasha Sandha,” Rizman said.

The designer reminded event organisers to be more considerate when it comes to the image of a Muslim woman as well as taking note of social sensitivities.

Hudson, a Malay-Australian model and actress, was admonished online after she was seen wearing the shoulder-baring outfit at a beauty product launch earlier this week.

In her defence, the 38-year-old said her shoulder was covered by a piece of nude-coloured fabric, giving the illusion of exposed skin.

The mum of three also ticked off social media users, saying that they should be mature when making comments.