PETALING JAYA, Sept 4 — Popular singer Nora Ariffin has admitted that the teenage girl kissing her partner in a viral TikTok video is her daughter.

The Di Persimpangan Delima artiste posted an explanation on her Instagram yesterday after social media users began flooding her comments section with questions about the clip.

“With much disappointment, I admit, it is (my daughter).

“As a mother, we try to do our best to teach, guide, educate, and give the best that we can in whatever limited capacity we have.

“But as humans, we cannot run away from making mistakes. She’s young and she has many lessons to learn and a life to live.

“As a mother, I also have many weaknesses,” Nora wrote.


The 47-year-old hoped that her daughter will learn a lesson from the incident and pleaded with social media users to give them “space and peace” for now.

A TikTok video of Nora’s daughter blew up online yesterday after it showed her and a teenage boy making out in public.

The video shocked social media users, many of whom labelled it as immodest and obscene for a Malay-Muslim couple.

The account where the video originated from is still unclear but many people recognised the girl in the clip as Nora’s daughter, sparking a wave of negative comments on her mother’s social media accounts.