KUALA LUMPUR, August 3 — Local production house Kuman Pictures is offering moviegoers a money-back guarantee to those who catch their latest offering, horror movie, Roh, on opening day nationwide this August 6.



Through a series of social media postings, Kuman Pictures announced that they would offer the money-back guarantee to those who felt dissatisfied.

According to Kuman Pictures founder Amir Muhammad this isnt the first time they made such an offer as part of a film’s promotion, the last being for Two Sisters.

Local movie enthusiasts  can request a refund of their purchased tickets if they give a thumbs down to the movie after watching it in one of the 70 cinemas it will be screening at. 

The refund is valid only for opening day movie tickets (6 August) and it is limited to a maximum of four tickets only.

Roh is a debut feature film by Malaysian visual effect artist and director, Emir Ezwan who worked as the visual effect supervisor for 2018’s One Two Jaga.

“The debut feature film by Emir Ezwan is moody and atmospheric and in the words of the Udine Far East Film Festival, it does not act as a good tourism ad for Malaysian jungles.”

“I hope people will watch it on the big screen while obeying all the relevant standard operating procedures (SOP) of course, because the movie was made for cinema experience,” Amir said.

Roh is a horror film tells the story of a family fighting for their souls after getting caught in the warpath of a vengeful forest spirit, ripped straight from Malaysian mythology. 

The movie is set to release this Thursday and stars Namron, Farah Ahmad and June Lojong.