‘I’m not that dumb’: Actress Elvina Mohamad slams online users after accused of abusing son with surgical tape

Elvina says some members of the public even threatened to lodge a police report. — Picture via Instagram/ElvinaMohamad
Elvina says some members of the public even threatened to lodge a police report. — Picture via Instagram/ElvinaMohamad

PETALING JAYA, Aug 13 — Actress Datin Elvina Mohamad learned the hard way that not all jokes end in laughter.

Elvina whose real name is Norzalina Mohamad thought she was being funny when she uploaded a picture of her eight-month-old son’s hands and legs that were bound with surgical tape.

But the image did not go down well with social media users who accused the 24-year-old mother of abusing her child.

The Jojie Gigil star denied the accusations and spoke to Malay portal mStar to clear things up.

“Never expected my post on Instagram to be such a big issue. Was linked to those who abuse their kids.

“They are too much. I’ll never abuse my own child, it’s only a joke. The caption itself shows that I was joking. Can they not think?

“Moreover, I used surgical tape and he laughed. Impossible I was doing something wrong, right? I’m not that stupid to abuse my own kid to torture my own kid,” she told mStar.

The picture has since been removed on the photo-sharing platform.

On top of being slammed, Elvina added that some social media users threatened to lodge a police report.

“At the time, all my family members were at the hospital because my father-in-law was not well and we were all trying to lighten up the mood.

“It felt so odd. I uploaded something as a joke and it was turned into a major issue. Some even DM (direct message) me threatening to report it to the police,” said Elvina who is married to motoring entrepreneur Datuk Mohd Haniff Borhan.

The Isteri Untuk Diiktiraf actress added that she didn’t want to blow the issue out of proportion but at the same time won’t stop individuals who want to take action against her.

“Right now, whatever they want to say, I can’t be bothered, I’m tired. Lazy to deal with things that don’t make sense. These people are just finding fault on purpose and want to bash me.

“I feel like they want to make this a huge deal on purpose to the point of lodging a police report and until the picture is removed by Instagram.

“If they really want to make a police report, go ahead. I’ll bring my son along to the police station,” she said.

Previously, Elvina struck a wrong nerve with social media users after feeding her son solids when he was just four months old.

The actress responded by saying she had consulted a doctor.

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