Best friends forever: Fizo Omar reminisces about bromance with fellow actor Kamal Adli

Bros for life ... Fizo Omar (left) and Kamal Adli. — Courtesy of Instagram/fizoomar
Bros for life ... Fizo Omar (left) and Kamal Adli. — Courtesy of Instagram/fizoomar

PETALING JAYA, June 13 — Best friends forever.

That was the outpouring of love of local actor and entrepreneur, Fizo Omar for long-time buddy Kamal Adli.

The 33-year-old uploaded a heartfelt appreciation post onto his Instagram account directed to Kamal which has garnered over 18 thousand likes since yesterday.



Kenal mamat ni masa 2007 dkat stage hero remaja 2007/2008.masa tu aku stuck main bola n team aku bubar sbb ada masalah xtau nak buat ape nak servive kat KL tu, sekali member hntr gmbr srh try msk contest hero remaja.masa tu aku mmg la.ckp KL pun bersepah bau budu.duit plak ckp2 makan je.lari bajet ckit cnfrm ikat perut. . Aku ngn kamal ni byk cerita la zaman xde duit telur goreng sebiji pun boleh potong 2 janji sama2 blh merasa.igt lagi masa tgh g casting cari hulu ke hilir naik scooter je tak pun tong tong duit minyak naik kereta perodua kanccc aku yg pernah jd kebanggaan aku tu. . Baju seluar xpyah ckp la memang share2 je, melainkan boxer la.ape yg blh share jimat duit on jer.. . Benda yg paling aku igt.mlm sebelum final, mencangkung dlm tandas aku potong rambut dia, nntah ape pesyen pun aku xtau bedal je jnji pendek.boleh tahan hensem la sbb dia menang no 1 n aku no 2. . Bdk kelantan n bdk pahang bru msk industri.alhmdllh job sana sni berlakon model emcee semua sebat jnji halal. . Lately ni aku slow skit bidang glemer ni sbb focus bisnes n aku sambung belajar insyallah target aku smpai ke PHD.teringin jugak tgk kwn baik aku ni jd hero pujaan rezeki Allah tu dia bg ape yg sesuai dgn kita sebenarnya.aku bangga ngn ko bro very komited shngga ko berjaya skng.bantu fmly smua. . Btw rindu plak zaman berlakon cter bionik ngn mamat ni. @kamaladli . Sape igt cter bionik dulu?

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He met Kamal during youth icon search Hero Remaja in 2007 and the duo have been inseparable ever since.

Fizo shared about their ups and downs through the years, especially during the early stages of their career.

“There are so many stories about the two of us.

“There were times when we had to split a fried omelette into two so that both of us would have something to eat.” wrote Fizo.

He added that “sharing an omelette” was just one of many things that the pair did together as he explained that they used to go for castings together too, sharing their money to pay for petrol to fill up his old Perodua Kancil.

“We even shared our clothes, except for underwear, of course, we would do whatever that we could to ‘share’ and save money,” wrote Fizo.

Fizo got second place in Hero Remaja 2007/2008, losing to guessed it, his BFF Kamal, but Fizo felt that he had a part to play in his old pal’s victory as he remembered something from the night before.

“The night before the final, we were squatting in the toilet as I cut his hair, didn’t matter what style it was as long as it was short, but it must have made him look handsome enough since he got first place,” he jokingly wrote.

Despite not as active acting as he used to be, having shifted his focus to his business and getting a Ph D, he gushed about proud he was of Kamal for being committed to achieving his goals and becoming a star, as well as staying grounded and taking care of his family.

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