Aliff Syukri apologises over uproar for caning daughter, wife claims child was just being 'dramatic'

Aliff apologised for caning his daughter, saying he was ‘jahil’ (ignorant), while his wife said their daughter was being ‘dramatic’. — Picture via Instagram/aliffsyukriterlajarlaris
Aliff apologised for caning his daughter, saying he was ‘jahil’ (ignorant), while his wife said their daughter was being ‘dramatic’. — Picture via Instagram/aliffsyukriterlajarlaris

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PETALING JAYA, May 3 — Datuk Aliff Syukri today apologised for uploading a video on Instagram which showed him applying ointment on his injured 9-year-old daughter after disciplining her with a cane for taking off her hijab.

“I humbly apologise in crossing the line in recording and uploading it on social media,” Aliff told Astro Awani in a report today. Cess (the nickname of his daughter, Qadejah El Zahra) is my only daughter, and I care for her deeply.

“I want to be a perfect father. It was not showing off, it was merely something I wanted to share with my followers.”

In the April 24 post on Instagram, Aliff had captioned, “Today, I hit her with a cane because I want her to understand the meaning of a girl’s dignity,” adding that his daughter had a habit of taking off her hijab in front of unfamiliar men.

The video which has garnered over 986,000 views to date, remains on his Instagram account which has some 3.1 million followers.



After the initial uproar by social media users condemning the punishment of his daughter, as well as shaming her by uploading the video online, Aliff uploaded another video on April 30.

This time he told his detractors to “mind their own children, and not interfere with his affairs concerning his daughter.”



jaga anak awak dulu x payah sebuk hal anak saya.. . . saya ni mmg lah mulut laser kuat membebel tapi saya ni x bodoh tau sy syg anak sy buat mesti ada sebab...jaga anak perempuan zaman skrg kena lebih takut tngok keadaan semasa......dalam mendidik anak saya ada cara saya..kadang2 pelik la org yg sibuk cara kita didik anak...saya ni dah la jahil...jahat.....bukan orang baik,sekolah pun bodoh...takkan saya nak anak saya ikut perangai buruk saya....saya nak anak yg terbaik.. . klau lah korang nak tau mak saya jauh lebih garang... Dulu mak saya ni pukul sgn getah paip, pijak,lepang, semua ckup pakej... sbb tu sy jadi sampai hari ni menghargai erti kehidupan... orang2 dulu ni mmg didik anak ada cara mereka,saya pilih didik anak cara lama,yg nak ikut zaman terpulang la.....sebab esok2 kalau anak saya tak elok saya juga yg dipersalahkan bukan korang..😅 sila komen dibawah pandangan korang jaga anak pulak...

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On the same day, non-governmental organisation Protect and Save the Children, a member of the Child Rights Coalition Malaysia lodged a police report, saying the act constituted physical abuse.

Aliff said he had no idea the matter would escalate to the point of NGOs being involved.

“I never expected an uproar.

“Once again, I apologise to all parties, I understand I am wrong and I am ignorant.”

He said officers from the Social Welfare Department had paid a visit to his office yesterday morning, but both he and his wife were busy with professional engagements.

“They probably wanted to meet both of us on the issue.”

His wife Datin Seri Nur Shahida meanwhile said their daughter had the flair for theatrics, just like her father.

“Truthfully, she takes after him. She talks a lot, and is ‘dramatic’.

“Actually, Cess was crying in the video as my husband was applying ointment, not because she was in pain, but because she was taken aback that her father was doing so.

“My husband only meant to teach his child a lesson. He never forced Cess to wear the hijab, she was the one who chose to do so since January 1.”

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