As parody goes viral, Taylor Swift invites Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu fraternity to tour show

LOS ANGELES, Sept 13 — Taylor Swift has invited a fraternity to one of her tour shows.

The 24-year-old singer’s attention was piqued by Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu’s lip sync version of her hit track Shake It Off.

And Taylor is so impressed by their efforts she has invited them to attend one of her 2015 shows.

Posting a link to the video on Twitter, Taylor wrote: “I’m personally inviting all of these guys (and a date!) to a show on tour next year, it’s on me. Nailed it, bros!”

Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu, who hail from Transylvania University, previously impressed with their lip syncing as they sang along to Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit Call Me Maybe back in 2012.

Describing themselves on their website, the fraternity write: “The gentlemen of Delta Sigma Phi can truly say that they never walk alone, and neither will you.

“Delta Sigma Phi strives to be different from the average fraternity stereotype, and it offers a truly unique and fulfilling Greek experience that one cannot find at any other college campus.”

Taylor recently spoke about the inspiration for Shake It Off, admitting it stems from her struggle to be accepted, which she eventually overcame.

With lyrics such as ‘I go on too many dates/ But I can’t make them stay/ At least that’s what people say,’ the song has a personal touch to it.

“I think it kind of takes not caring what people think about you a step further to kind of locking the fact that people don’t get you,” she explained.

Taylor Swift is very impressed with the boys of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu. — AFP pic
Taylor Swift is very impressed with the boys of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu. — AFP pic

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“Kind of taking pride in the fact that you know you are and it honestly doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t want to understand you.

“We go through these scenarios in so many different phrases of our lives, no matter what it is.” — Cover Media

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