SHAH ALAM, Aug 12 — Perikatan Nasional (PN) Taman Medan state seat candidate Dr Afif Bahardin has officially won the seat contesting against Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Ahmad Akhir Pawan Chik.

Despite emerging victorious, Dr Afif said he won the seat with a significant majority of 30.

“It is a significant majority. I was informed, 30. I think they will announce it (later)... hopefully, that will be the announcement, Taman Medan will be for PN.

“It’s more important that, it was a tough call, definitely it was a tough seat for me, hard fought, alhamdulillah it’s a big responsibility for me to prove to the people in Taman Medan and to the people of Selangor, PN will do our best for the people in Selangor, especially for Taman Medan,” Dr Afif told reporters when met at the PN war room here in Corcorde Hotel.


When asked what his immediate next course of action will be, he mentioned meeting the voters and the community of Taman Medan.

“I made my promises yesterday so tomorrow will be my first day of work, I will be hitting the ground tomorrow to meet the voters and the community of Taman Medan for me to listen (to them).

“(We will) wait tonight whether PN will form the government, or we will be the Opposition, we will see tonight. The outcome of my action will depend on whether we are government or Opposition. We wait for full result.


“We have quite a number of results coming in, hopeful we will be able to bertahan (endure) the night,” he added.

The former Seberang Jaya assemblyman, left PKR as part of the Sheraton Move that happened last February 2020, won the PH stronghold with 22,316 against PH’s Ahmad Akhir 22,286.