ALOR SETAR, June 20 — Eighteen people have been evacuated after a heavy downpour caused floods in Mukim Selama, Bandar Baharu district, near Kulim, today.

Bandar Baharu district Disaster Management Committee spokesman Lt (PA) Abdul Rahim Khairuddin said the victims from four families were moved to Dewan Keda Sungai Tengas at 8pm.

“A heavy downpour lasting more than two hours from 2pm caused a river to burst its banks and flood several houses in Mukim Selama, Mukim Relau and Mukim Sungai Batu.

“However, so far only one relief centre was opened in Mukim Selama although several houses in Kampung Paya Semambu and Kampung Kilang Batu in Mukim Relau and Kampung Sungai Tengas Ilir in Mukim Sungai Batu were also affected,” he said in a statement tonight.

He said the affected villages in Mukim Selama were Kampung Sungai Hitam Dalam, Kampung Sungai Hitam Luar, Kampung Sungai Tengas and Kampung Terap Dalam.

He said all together 83 people from 25 families in the three mukims were affected by the floods. — Bernama