KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 25 ― I didn’t even think this could happen, but McDonald's Malaysia announced on their Instagram page that they’re facing a “fry-tening” (their words, not mine) supply crunch on French Fries. This means that you’ll no longer be able to order large fries, or any meal with large french fries. However, you’ll still be able to order medium fries or order a medium meal.



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“While you can’t Go Large for the time being, you can still enjoy your favourite meals and fries in Medium size. Time fries… It’ll be back before you know it,” wrote McDonald's in their excruciating pun-filled post.

McDonald's Malaysia announced that large fries will no longer be available from today — 24 of January 2022 onwards. There’s no information on when large fries will come back yet.

While the news comes as a shock, there is news of certain items for McDonald's around the world having shortages, too. In Australia, KFC said it had temporarily removed some items from the menu at certain locations as it struggled to find a supply of its most important ingredient — fresh chicken. And in Japan, McDonald’s has been forced to stop selling both medium and large portions of fries.

According to McDonald's Japan, the company had suspended those options for bigger portions of friends last month, but it extended that suspension this month. It was working on “arranging new distribution channels” to secure a stable supply of potatoes in the future. The french fries shortage situation in Malaysia could suffer a similar fate.

McDonald's Malaysia hasn’t yet released a statement about why they’re facing a french fries shortage here. It’s also wild that something like this can even happen. However, if you do want a large potato side, we found that you can order a large Prosperity meal that comes with curly fries. Meals that come with regular french fries, however, already don’t give you the option to upsize. ― SoyaCincau