MIRI, Dec 3 — Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) secretary Alan Ling has handed over a list of 17 social media accounts he believes to be fake and used by political cybertroopers to conduct smear campaigns, to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Speaking to reporters after handing over the list, Ling said he and DAP Youth chief Peter Hee as well as DAP Long Lama chairman Marcus Hugo, also had a fruitful dialogue with MCMC Miri officer-in charge Fazlida Hanim Abdul Razak.

“So far we’ve gathered about 17 accounts which we believe and suspect to be fake accounts. We have provided MCMC the list with addresses and relevant information, for MCMC to take necessary action under their Act.

“We will also refer (the matter) to other authorities such as the police in cases involving defamation under the Penal Code, as well as for MCMC to deal directly with social media providers such as Facebook,” he said.

During the dialogue with MCMC, Ling, will contest in Pujut this coming state election, said he also highlighted the ‘rampant’ social media abuse by these cybertroopers whom he believes are being paid by some ‘aspiring candidates’.

“We are expecting to see more intense social media campaign after nomination day and during the campaigning period. That is why we have this visit to MCMC today,” he said.

Ling believes MCMC can play an effective role to curb the issues, particularly by intensifying enforcement as well as surveillance and monitoring to ensure that social media platforms are not used for personal attacks, character assassination, smearing campaign and defamation during the state polls.

“I would like to urge them (cybertroopers) to behave and not to do all these things (which are) without moral and dignity.

“Your dignity and pride is more valuable than you getting paid for this period to do all this hanky-panky. I can assure you, if you are caught by the authority, your so-called paymaster won’t be there to defend you. You have your price to pay.

“I want this election to be clean, fair and based on ideologies, struggles and principles without relying on dirty tactics.

“If they (cybertroopers) believe in doing this (dirty tactics), they are not doing anything helpful to help their aspiring candidates. The voters will find all these disgusting.”

Meanwhile, Ling said they will also pass all information gathered on the alleged cybertroopers to the police during a meeting next week.

“I hope those who are doing all these unethical acts can stop before the authorities come after them,” he said. — Borneo Post