CAIRO, Feb 12 — Volunteers for the humanitarian aid mission dubbed #PeduliYaman organised by the Global Peace Mission (GPM) are all set for their 13-day humanitarian aid mission to Yemen.

Syahrir Azfar Salleh, 32, and Mohd Asril Syahril, 24, along with Bernama News Channel (BNC) journalist Dhiyaulhaq Hamzah, 29, arrived here from Kuala Lumpur yesterday and will be making their way to Yemen.

Syahrir who is leading the mission told Bernama News Channel that it had three key objectives, namely to deliver nutritious food supply, especially to infants and children, as well as to provide clean water supply to prevent cholera outbreaks, and medical aid.

The mission is expected to give Malaysians a deeper understanding of the humanitarian disaster situation in the West Asian country as more than 2,500 Yemeni people have died from cholera while nothing much is done to treat or highlight the plight of the one million others infected with the disease.

Insha-Allah (God willing) the images and videos we record will be made available for all Malaysians,” he said.

Yemen has been devastated by a civil war since 2015 and has seen over 10,000 people killed.

The Yemeni civil war broke out following the rise of the Arab Spring which led to the collapse of Arab leaders such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine Al Abidein Ben Ali of Tunisia, who were overthrown by the people of their own countries because of widespread discontent.

In Yemen, former president Ali Abdallah Salleh who ruled the country for three decades was replaced by Abdul Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who almost lost 40 per cent of the nation to Houthi rebels. — Bernama