KOTA BARU, July 4 — Rescuing a trapped baby elephant is all in a day’s work for Jeli District’s Department of Wildlife Protection and National Parks (Perhilitan).

Perhilitan shared a video of the rescue that happened on June 30, when the team came to aid of a hapless elephant calf that had found itself in a drain at Batu 13 along the East-West Jeli Highway in Kelantan.

The video shows the calf’s mother standing by as though “supervising” the rescue, while the Perhilitan crew use an excavator to gently pull the calf (placed in a harness) gently up and out of the drain.

You can also see the Perhilitan crew guide both mother and baby away from the treacherous drain, ensuring they cross the road safely and encourage the baby to clamber over a highway divider.

Watch the successful rescue effort and heartwarming reunion below:


Pada 30 Jun 2024, anggota Pejabat PERHILITAN Daerah Jeli telah menjalankan satu operasi menyelamat anak gajah yang terjatuh longkang di Batu 13 Jalan Raya Timur-Barat Jeli, Kelantan. pic.twitter.com/WEy03sdWJ5

— Jabatan PERHILITAN (@PERHILITAN) July 4, 2024

It seems as though another Malaysian had also passed by to witness the rescue and took her own photos of the (estimated-to-be) two-weeks-old baby elephant.

X user @nrlshfina commented: “Oh ini lah dia budak yang terjatuh longkang haritu (Oh that’s the kid that fell in the drain that day)”.

Oh ini lah dia budak yang terjatuh longkang haritu. https://t.co/OT0Y9JGwOT pic.twitter.com/gEVNZP5ez6

— fina (@nrlshfina) July 4, 2024

It was a happy ending for the elephants and a great way to learn about a typical day in a Perhilitan crew’s life.

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