KUALA LUMPUR, JULY 3 — A viral video showing a man beating his dog, a husky, while his other, smaller dog cowered in a corner has led to the dog’s rescue but unhappily, it is not the end of the story.

An Instagram account @myforeverdoggo that advocates for dogs in Malaysia has shared that after previously surrendering the dog to independent rescuers, the owner has made a police report demanding the husky’s return.

This is despite the video, taken by a resident from the condo block opposite the owner’s residence, showing the dog being yelled at and hit.

The dog’s owner has now insisted the dog has been “kidnapped” and that it be returned to him.

While @myforeverdoggo has declared that the dog’s owner is a “Malaysian badminton player”, his identity has yet to be verified.

Shima Aris, who was one of the independent rescuers involved in the effort to help the husky, has commented on @myforeverdoggo’s post with the following statement:

Hi everyone. Thank you for the love you are giving to KITSTER. Due to the overwhelming DVS reports made by public, DVS has taken action but they wanted to move KITSTER to their pound and I politely declined as Iwant him to have the best vet team. Police is also investigating but unfortunately the perpetrator is saying I kidnapped his dog when he willingly gave him to me.

Please keep in mind that animal abuse happens everyday, everywhere and please be the human we can be and help these voiceless animals. Be kind. Choose to adopt dont shop and dont turn a blind eye when you witness animal cruelty. Huge thank you from Shima&KITSTER

For now, Shima has given the dog a name: Kitster. Whatever the outcome, let’s hope that it will be in the best interests of the dog.

Currently under the Animal Welfare Act (amended in 2015 to increase penalties against offenders), anyone found guilty of committing cruelty offences against animals as defined by the Animals Act of 1953 will be liable to a fine of not less than RM20,000 but not more than RM100,000 or imprisonment for a term not more than three years or both.

Chronology of events so far:

  • Video of the dog being abused is shared on social media leading to an outcry and various police reports being filed as well as reports to DVS.
  • Independent rescuers turned up at the alleged abuser’s residence to check on the dog and ask for its surrender.
  • Man agrees to hand over the dog without resistance.
  • Dog is taken to vet and footage of the dog and independent rescuer accounts show dog is severely traumatized
  • Dog’s owner files police report demanding the dog be returned to him.
  • Police give dogs’ current custodians the option of either returning the dog or surrendering the dog to DVS.
  • DVS agrees to intervene, suggests dog be placed in their pound but rescuers think it is not the most humane solution and for now are holding onto the dog until further investigation and better resolution can be found.

The video can be seen below but viewership discretion is advised as the content might prove distressing.