KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 17 --- It was another day at work for Grab rider Ferdaus Husin until he received an unusual request after completing a food delivery.

He had just arrived recently at the given address when his customer who had placed an order of rice and beef sent him a text message.

“Can you please give it to the dog so he can eat,” it read.


After a quick assessment of the friendly dog confined within the house compound, Ferdaus unpacked the food parcel and pushed it under the gate for the eagerly waiting recipient.

The dog, who looked to be a three to four-year-old local breed, was only too happy to chow down on the rice and beef.

“You’re having beef huh?” said Ferdaus to the dog.


“Looks good too. I’m fasting, you know.”

@ferd_husin87 bila tuan uma sebuk keje. kami bole tolong setel kan. #grabrider #fyp Me and My Pet - Eitan Epstein Music

Ferdaus shared his experience with a TikTok video which has garnered over 66,000 likes and over 1500 comments, many of which thanked him.

“That’s good,” said a TikTok user.

“He can include feeding dog nasi kandar as part of his working experience.”

“So, if I’m not at home, can you feed my cat?” asked another.

“You’re the best bro.”

“Respect for Abang Grab,” said a third.

“He’s willing to help the dog owner.”

But Ferdaus remained modest about what he did and said:

“Dogs or cats, doesn’t matter, they all get hungry.”