KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 — A member of Hong Kong's police watchdog has suggested the city state's child abuse problem was due to television programmes and movies.

Taking the Miss Hong Kong pageant currently in progress as an example, Helen Yu questioned why participants needed to wear swimsuits in one of its segments.

“It is okay to wear little when you are swimming, but why do you need to [do so] in the question and answer segment in an air-conditioned room, while facing people like Eric Tsang with their eyes wide open and fixed on you.”

“Why must you wear a bikini to answer questions?” Coconuts Hong Kong reported the former education director as saying.

Tsang is the current TVB general manager and the station is hosting the pageant, with the finals to be held this Sunday, September 25.

Yu then urged relevant authorities to issue strict guidelines on what should and should not be broadcasted on air.

Responding to Yu's statement, TVB said her comments linking the pageant to pornography, violence and child abuse were immoral, irresponsible, and misleading to the public, as well as disrespectful and a malicious slander against the contestants.

The station stressed that it follows the Generic Code of Practice on Television and it reserves its legal rights to defend itself against false accusations and malicious speculation.