KUALA LUMPUR, March 15 ― A woman in Cornwall, UK, who was having difficulties making ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic, managed to turn her fortune around by selling her used tights.

Lizzy Groombridge, 27, uses adult content platform OnlyFans to ply her ware and the price starts from £45 (RM247) a piece, The Mirror reported.

Since starting her venture 18 months ago, the mother-of-three claimed she had made £50,000 (RM274,434), averaging about 10 pairs of tights in two weeks.

Groombridge, from Camborne, said she got the idea to sell her tights after her followers on TikTok approached her.

She said the demand for her product had been so high that she had to take weekly trips to shops to stock up the tights.

“I enjoy it and I don't care what others think. Their opinions don't pay my bills.”

“I do a lot of videos relating to my height and I wear tights in them. I had people messaging me asking if they could buy them from me,” said the woman, who is 187cm tall.

Having recently undergone breast enhancement surgery, Groombridge hopes that demand for her tights will soar even higher.

However, having to care for her children while creating adult content isn't always easy.

“I am only human and I become overwhelmed with requests or I have days where I have personal hang-ups but I use my platforms to push me and give me more confidence, but also show others that you can go from the ground up.”

“I am showing others you can reach your dreams and take risks because you only live once and it's worth it”.

Looking ahead to the future, Groombridge said she was making a separate page to help other women get started and how to promote their pages.

“I get a lot of people turning to me asking how I have done it and grown so quickly. So I can help others gain more financial control of their lives too.”