Covid-19: Pregnant, single mother of six children sells corn to support family after husband leaves family

Nurul Shahzamul Hidayah hopes that more people would support her corn and nasi lemak business. — Picture by Nurul Munirah Maiden
Nurul Shahzamul Hidayah hopes that more people would support her corn and nasi lemak business. — Picture by Nurul Munirah Maiden

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PETALING JAYA, July 6 — Single mother of six children Nurul Shahzamul Hidayah Mohd Sham, 29, was left without her husband before the movement control order (MCO) was enforced.

And that led to Nurul Shahzamul, who is also seven months pregnant, to sell corn from morning till evening to keep her family afloat and also save up for her childbirth cost.

Her sister-in-law, Nurul Munirah Maiden, 21, told Malay Mail that the husband who worked as a wireman always took care of the needs of the family until recently when he disappeared from the house.

“He had always been a responsible man and a great father figure to the children. We don’t know why he decided to leave home all of a sudden without prior notice.

“As such my sister-in-law who had not been working prior to the MCO turned to selling premium corn and also nasi lemak.

“I have also been helping kakak by driving her around to sell the corn to the neighbourhood or away from Serendah where we both stay.”

According to Nurul Munirah, work has been tough for Nurul Shahzamul as the corn business was not doing well initially.

“There were times where Nurul Shahzamul and I drove from Serendah to Rawang to sell our corn by the roadside and sometimes from our car boot.

“When we sold the corn under the hot sun, there were days where we had no customers at all too while other days, there were only a few customers.

“Customers were only interested in buying the corn when I posted about the corn business on my Twitter account two days ago. 



“Since then, many social media users have asked me about the whereabouts of our location to buy from us, while others have even ordered from us.”

Nurul Munirah also said that most of the time, Nurul Shahzamul’s eldest children would also help their mother sell the corn on their bicycles to the neighbours.

“Her three eldest children would also help to sell the premium corn while the other youngest three would be left at home.

“The eldest children are needed to help their mother as she is anaemic and has fainted about four times while selling corn under the hot sun.”

Nurul Munirah also hopes that people would support her sister-in-law’s business so that she is able to look after her family’s needs.

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