PETALING JAYA, March 22 — There could be a myriad of reasons for an employee to quit their job, but for those who choose to believe in the supernatural — a haunted house is as good a reason as any.

That’s exactly what one Indonesian domestic maid did, refusing to work for her employer under claims that their house was haunted, claiming she had seen shadows and apparitions, as reported in The Star.

The 21-year-old maid from Medan, Indonesia, had been working at her employer’s home in Taman Universiti, Johor Baru for only four days last December when she decided to throw in the towel.

“Apart from the ghost stories, she also came out with other excuses, such as dizziness and stomach ache, for not doing her chores, and spent most of the time resting,’’ said employer Yeo Pen Ny, 33 when the English daily met her at the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Yeo and her husband Eng Ser Chek, 36 believed the maid made up the ghostly tales, having never encountered any supernatural phenomenon in their house before.

“The maid finally admitted to us she was making up stories as she did not want to work with our family.

“She told us the employment agency promised that she would work at a restaurant instead of a domestic helper,’’ said Yeo.

According to Yeo, the agent informed the maid that she would earn a higher wage at a restaurant instead of the RM1,000 monthly salary she would earn as a domestic helper.

The employment agency in Taman Austin Heights has since been ordered by tribunal president R. Nadarajan to refund RM9,346 to Yeo within 14 days.

Despite the claimant paying RM9,500 to the agent, RM154 was deducted as salary for the maid’s brief four-day stint.