KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 — After suspending sales of its French fries, McDonald’s Japan announced it is also suspending sales of hash browns in the country due to supply line troubles.

Over the weekend, the fast food chain put up notices at their outlets informing customers of the matter, SoraNews 24 reported.

Among the reasons cited for the decision were flooding damage at the port of Vancouver in Canada and the continuing worldwide coronavirus pandemic disrupting their supply line of potatoes imported from North America.

McDonald’s Japan had in mid-December suspended sales of medium and large-size orders of French fries as a result of the chain’s continuing potato shortage.

Speaking to local media, a McDonald’s Japan representative expects sales to resume “from January 13 or 14”.

It was previously reported that Japan’s KFC suspended sales of its French fries in October after the fast food chain ran out of potatoes.

AFP reported that the chain was also forced to stop selling fries in 2015 as industrial disputes led to crimped potato exports from the US affecting Japan’s fast food market.