PARIS, April 21 — Manufacturer Segway-Ninebot has launched a portable Bluetooth speaker that replicates the sound of a traditional internal combustion engine; the unit can be attached to your scooter or electric bike, so you don’t go unnoticed in traffic.

It’s more than a fun gimmick; it’s about ensuring the safety of all concerned — the driver and other road users, particularly pedestrians.

Although the concept may sound fun and offbeat, it’s actually very serious.

Since electric scooters and bicycles are essentially silent, they pose a significant danger, with high risks of collisions and various accidents. But with this new concept, it’s difficult not to hear them approaching.

The Ninebot Engine Speaker can play several sounds, indicating varying degrees of power: one or two cylinder engines, V8 and V12.

But the most interesting thing is that the sound is modulated according to whether you are accelerating or braking.

A rumble sound signals the driver is taking off. Some pedestrians might think that a sports car is right behind them, but it’s a regular electric scooter!

Thanks to its mounting system, it can be attached to the handlebars but can also be strapped onto the pole or under the saddle on a bike.

Those who wish to do so can also use this speaker in an electric car; with the windows down, they will be sure not to go undetected.

This Bluetooth speaker, which can also simply play music, is priced at US$149.99. More expensive than a horn, but more impressive too.

Segway has already made a name for itself this year by launching a scooter, the KickScooter GT2, which can reach a top speed of 70 km/h, ideal for having fun on a track or for off-roading recreational use on closed private property. — ETX Studio