When incest is a marriage: Umno and PAS — Rais Hussin

MARCH 6 — PAS, if one goes by its original history, began as a bureau of religious unit in Umno. Research by the likes of the deputy defence minister, even when he was enrolled as a BA student in Australian National University, revealed that one of the founders of this unit was the father of Abdullah Badawi. In this sense, PAS came from the umbilical cord of Umno in 1946.

PAS, being PAS, decided to split from Umno; ostensibly to be more religious. PAS, being PAS, also tried to suckle on the teats of Umno, when the late Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, a stellar of a scholar, passed on in 2014. By 2015-2018, some RM90 million allegedly had changed hands.

In Islamic laws, when a baby suckles on the mill of another mother, she or he is banned from marrying into the family of that suckling mother. Syariah prohibits it.

PAS had allegedly sucked on Umno, as the trial of Awang Hadi and Clare Rewcastle-Brown showed in London. To cover the illicit relationship, PAS made a payment of RM1.4 million to quiet down Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the incoming prime minister, found it. Exposed it. Yet, the revelation did not reach the voters in Semenyih in time. Thus the by-election victory in Semenyih has emboldened PAS and Umno to do what Islam has always gone against: To legalise what is illegal.

Money is like milk and honey in politics. Once PAS has taken from a corruption-ridden party like Umno, there is only one logical outcome: PAS is corrupted too. At RM90 million, the magnitude of corruption has ruined all the MPs of PAS and its state assemblymen. How?

Each individual election requires a deposit of RM10,000. In the last General Election, PAS fielded hundreds of state assemblymen and women and MPs too.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency and the Electoral Commission haven’t had the time to expose their scams. But both entities are empowered by law to find out how men and women of meagre means suddenly found the RM10,000 to run in the 14th general election?

The political marriage of PAS and Umno is nothing but sheer incest. It involves two corrupted kin marrying each other to close the shame of what had already been shameful.

The phrase “Apa Malu Bossku?” was the culmination — and confirmation — of this illegal union of cohabitation. By taking it any further, PAS and Umno would be engaging in a sickening act of licentious cohabitation that runs against the rules of Maqasid Al Syariah.

In Maqasid Al Syariah, the bloodline of the progeny is supremely important. Thus under the rules of Ahl Sunnah wa Al-Jammah, all the jurists agreed that “talak” (divorce) can only be declared once every month for three consecutive months before the marriage can be annulled. This is to prevent a divorce that is announced when a woman is pregnant with a child.

Umno and PAS appear ready to produce an illegitimate child of their own political marriage of convenience. When they use their worst predatory instincts to produce an Islam and Malay nationalism that neither can understand, they will only renounce and denounce each other by 2023, if not earlier.

Malaysia, under British or Islamic family laws, is against incest. PAS and Umno just cross the lines many times over to narrow their own gene pool. This gene pool will produce two clusters of followers.

Members of PAS and Umno who confuse blind “asabiyah” with true loyalty — and “jahiliyah” (ignorance) with sheer “ibadah” (worship). There is nothing more sinful than “shirik” in Islam, which is to conjoin of God with other beings. PAS and Umno just become a conjoined entity based on their common acquired taste for larceny, corruption, luxury and lies.

Pakatan Harapan was not built in a single day. Nor will it be destroyed by a single illegal union. If anything, PAS and Umno have made Pakatan Harapan stronger, not necessarily in each by-election, but every single General Election to come. Why?

Pakatan Harapan can win in any seat where PAS and Umno produce a single yet flawed candidate. The more hypocritical and shameful list of candidates PAS and Umno procure, the more Pakatan Harapan will hit back at this incestuous marriage.

* Datuk Rais Hussin is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia strategist.

** This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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