MARA inculcates universal peace and humanity among MRSM students — MARA

SEPTEMBER 6 — Azrul Mohd Khalib’s writing which appeared in the Malay Mail Online dated September 4, 2014 is based solely on a few pictures downloaded from a Facebook account which do not portray the actual event. He had implied that MRSM Langkawi was training students to become militants. Obviously, he was unaware of what actually transpired on that day.  

Only a fraction of 450 students participating in the programme dressed in the attire condemned by the writer. Even then, they were simply expressing the emotions based on the Gaza issue at hand.  This is a far cry from militant activities as depicted by the writer.  

In keeping abreast with the current conflict, the nation shows sympathy and support for Gaza. MARA feels the need to instil awareness among its students on humanity, values of independence and willingness to defend the nation.  

In the reported programme, the students had simply demonstrated their passion and commitment in understanding the issue. Pictures below show the actual situation of the programme carried out on that particular day, in which they do not portray any involvement of militant trainings.  


The MARA Education System (SPMRSM) stresses on the importance of students’ passion and commitment in every endeavour. All programmes are geared towards maximising potential in line with the ‘creating gifted and talented students’ philosophy. It is imperative that students, when participating in enrichment programmes such as Independence Day Celebration, United Nation General Assembly and Earth Day, don appropriate clothing based on the themes of the programme. 

Since 1966, MARA has produced 390,643 graduates in various fields and majority of them are now captains of industry and leaders of corporate entities. This shows MARA has been contributing significantly to nation-building through human capital development.