PETALING JAYA, June 24 — Rapper and entrepreneur Caprice has set off on a humanitarian mission to the war-torn Palestinian territory of Gaza.

Caprice, whose real name is Ariz Ramli, posted an Instagram video of himself at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last night, saying he had received the green light from Malaysian authorities to leave the country.

The clip shows Caprice walking through the departure hall wearing a suit, tie, and a scarf with the Palestinian flag.

He was also seen posing for photos with airport security staff.

“Please pray for me, Malaysia. At the last minute, I got permission to go to Cairo-Gaza.

“It’s just that I’ll have to fly out on my own tonight,” wrote the 32-year-old.



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Caprice arrived at the Dubai International Airport this morning and is set to board his flight to Cairo soon.

The hip-hop star also made sure to bid farewell to his parents before leaving Malaysia and said that they are supportive of his mission.

“Just said goodbye to my mum and dad. I was told that once I have the intent to go to Gaza, don’t look back,” Caprice wrote in his Instagram Stories last night.

The Baby Sayang rapper previously expressed a desire to follow in the footsteps of preacher Ebit Lew and embark on a humanitarian mission to Gaza.

He had planned to leave in early June but was forced to delay his flight due to the start of the third movement control order.

Being stuck in Malaysia didn't stop Caprice from being a vocal advocate for Palestine and he's been consistently sharing posts about the violence that erupted between Hamas militants and Israel last month.

He recently released the song Koyak with Meerfly which used the Malay word “koyak (butthurt)” to take a jab at supporters of the Israeli government.