PETALING JAYA, June 23 — Malaysian social media personality Kak Girl has made the decision to no longer wear the tudung.

The popular emcee and host whose real name is Nur Amira Maslan took to Instagram recently to share a selfie without the religious headscarf for Muslim women.

The picture was accompanied by a lengthy message asking the public for space and for followers to accept her real self.

“Sometimes we want to please others to the point we forget about ourselves.

“Sometimes we are forced to follow what others want even though we have our own will,” she wrote.

The ex-Best FM presenter added that she wasted years putting the needs of others first without being appreciated.



“I’m sorry, maybe a lot of people are uncomfortable but I am being myself, the real me.

“I didn’t make myself a priority before and now it’s killing me.

“Doesn’t matter what people want to say, I need space for myself and I don’t owe anyone an explanation,” she said.

Kak Girl who disabled comments under the post also apologised to fans and followers for her new image.

“I’m still the same person, just this time from a different angle,” she wrote.

The vlogger deleted pictures of her husband Osman Ali from her Instagram account, including snapshots from their 2020 wedding.

Kak Girl wedded Osman on November 11 last year in Johor Baru.

She was previously married to Mohd Hafizi Marzuki from February 2015 and the couple divorced in October 2019.

Dubbed the lip-sync queen, Kak Girl shot to fame with her Bollywood parody videos that received praise from Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan.