PETALING JAYA, June 21 — Actress Nabila Huda is putting a stop to comments about her weight and physical appearance.

The 36-year-old whose real name is Nabila Huda Suhaimi issued a stern warning on Instagram to followers, fans, friends and industry peers.

She also revealed she has blacklisted several production companies that made body-shaming remarks.

“Why must there be people who say, ‘you’re fat now and chubbier unlike before’.

“Go and die, doesn’t matter what a person’s body is like, why bother?

“You’re insecure with yourself having a double chin with fats here and there and then you’re jealous about other people’s bodies.

“Whether I’m fat or thin, just let it be, why must comparisons be made?” the outspoken actress said.

Nabila, who is the daughter of Malaysian rock star Amy Search took to Instagram yesterday to share her views on the matter and many resonated with her message.

She told mStar in an interview that it isn’t acceptable to criticise or pass judgment on someone else’s physical appearance.

“I’m sharing this so people who like to body-shame are aware,” Nabila said.

The M4M4 star added that she often changes her appearance for roles she takes on.

The mum of one said she had no issues with her appearance and that she has a happy life with her husband, child and career.

“For your knowledge, I can lose weight or gain weight anytime I want — if I wanted to be skinny next week, I can do it.

“Anyone who has worked with me can request that without problems because it is part of my job.

“But now, I’m at home, there’s a movement control order and I’m jobless so who cares?” she said on Instagram.

Additionally, Nabila issued a warning on Instagram asking people to refrain from making comparisons about her body and for others to stop judging.

“You better stop if you don’t want me to say hurtful things to you and your family.

“I’m saying this on behalf of all the women and men who experience this.

“Doesn’t matter what we look like, how our hair is, how our skin is, and what our body shape is — everyone is beautiful in their own way,” she wrote.



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“I’m fat but I’m married, have a husband, child, a home, I can cook, I have a career, I’m an award-winning actress.”

Nabila ended her post by sarcastically saying she was born famous and that she is the daughter of a well-known rock star.

“My papa is Amy Search. What have you got? You got nothing,” she wrote.

Her post which received praise from her fellow celebrities and fans received more than 130,000 likes at the time of writing.